Taylor Garbage knows that paper shredding is just as important a part of protecting your family and business these days as locking the front door to your home before you leave. In this day and age we can't trust that throwing away our confidential information is safe. Alternatively, most of us do not have the space to store all of the documents that contain our confidential information including: financial statements or sensitive documents, credit card information, bank account details, anything with a social security number and other personal information that we need to keep confidential. Nore do we have the hours involved with shredding everything ourselves.

This is why Taylor Garbage has a shredding service which allows you to bring your documents to us.  You can now safely drop off your documents to us for instant shredding and disposal. We even recycle the shredded paper!

**We will no longer be doing any on site shredding. **

Both businesses and Individuals may get their items shredded by appointment on Friday.



Bring your documents to our Vestal offices located at 3051 Old Vestal Rd, Vestal NY the Fridays by appointment between  10am - 12pm. (Call 797-5277).

We are now doing shredding year round dependant on weather. Feel free to call and confirm your appointment if there is a forcast of severe weather. If we are forced to cancel we will call people with appointments at the phone number taken at the time your appointment is originally made.




  • Price is based on standard 10 inch high by 12 inch wide and 15 inch long file/banker boxes dropped off at our site. We do allow to you to bring it in any container but we use a standard sized rollcart we empty your containers into to determine the cost. You can either keep your containers or we have a place you can dispose of them on site.
  • The charge is $10.00 and is good for up to 5 full banker/file boxes of paper. If you have less, the price will be prorated down at the discretionof the shredder operator.
  • There is a charge of $2.00 per box for anything over 5 boxes.
  • The maximum we will take at one time is 10 boxes without a prior notice.
  • We do accept material for shredding in ahead of time if you cannot make the appointment hours. The material is stored in a locked storage container till the shredding hours on Friday then shredded.

Call (607) 797-5277 or use our contact form to inquire about shredding service.