Yard Waste

Spring Schedule 2014

Dates- May 5th to October 27th, 2014


Vestal/ Town of Binghamton-

  In previous years we have literally gone up every street in Vestal for our yardwaste pickup. With the small amount of yardwaste we were actually getting, this was a very inefficent system. So... this year we are having people sign up for yardwaste service either by the month or by the yardwaste season. This means the driver has a specific route list to follow each week and yardwaste will not be missed. You can either sign up for a month at a time or for the whole season.

  By the month the cost is $23.00 and there will be a 15% discount for senior customers. This rate is good for up to 4 cans of yardwaste a week. Only customers on this service, will have their yardwaste picked up. If you have yard waste stickers from last year you can turn them in for credit twords the cost of the new yardwaste system or your quarterly bill.

  The rules for putting out the yardwaste and the items we take will not be changing.

*You can put it out only in garbage cans or in hardsided plastic containers. Longer twigs or grass can be bundelled and laid beside the can but all together what you put out cannot exceed the equivelent volume of 4- 32 gallon cans total per week. 

*We will still be accepting- grass clippings, pine cones and needles, fruits and vegetables, weeds, and small twigs under an inch in diameter (through the middle at the widest part).

*As always for pickup of large amounts of leaves or brush call the town highway department to make an appointment. If you have additional questions you can contact the office.

*We will not come back for missed yardwaste. The truck only goes out one day a week in this area so if you forget to put your yardwaste out on the proper day please hold it for the next scheduled pickup.

*We will pick up yardwaste each week till the season ends even if your yardwaste day falls on a holiday. We pick all holidays during yardwaste season. If there are any changes you will be notified


Tioga County -

Yardwaste will be done the same as in previous years but will utilize the new stickers. If you have any questions please contact the office at (607) 797-5277.