Residential Recyling FAQ

Do you have questions about our residential recycling service? Find your answers in our residential recycling FAQ.

  1. Where can I get a recycle bin and is there a fee?
  2. What is recyclable in my county?
  3. Is there an additional fee for the recycling pick up?
  4. Where does my recycling go and how is it reused?
  5. Where can I take large amounts of recyclables myself?
  6. What do I do with my recycle bin when I move?
  7. Is there electronic recycling?
  8. What is Single Stream recycling and what does it mean to me?



1) Where can I get a recycle bin and is there a fee? In Broome County, if you are a customer you can obtain recycling bins from either our office on Old Vestal Rd. or you can contact the Broome County Landfill at (607) 763-4450 for hours when you can pick up a bin. Currently there is a fee for bins in Broome County. If you obtain a bin through the county there will be a $6 fee payable to them. We will continue to provide yellow bins at our Vestal location for our customers. As a courtesy we are splitting the cost with our customers. Rather than having you pay the full $6 we will take a $3 deposit that is returnable to you if you turn the bin back in in a useable condition at a later date.

If you are interested in getting one of the new larger blue recycling containers you must take your current yellow bin to the Broome County Landfill between the hours of 7-2:30 on Monday through Friday or 7-11:30 on Saturday. The first one is free with trade in of bin then $14 each for any additional ones.

In Tioga County bins can be obtained by contacting Tioga County at 687-8274 and asking for Ellen Pratt. She will arrange to have your bin delivered to you.The first bin is provided for free and each additional bin is $5. Replacement bins for rental properties are also $5.

**New option! We are now providing special stickers to mark recycling bins. These stickers are issued to you for free by request and allow you to use your own plastic container or garbage can for recycling. We ask only that any container you choose be properly labelled and be hard sided. No cardboard boxes, plastic or cloth bags, ect.


2) What is recyclable in my county? If you need a recycling brochure for your county you can either contact our office at (607) 797-5277 and request one be sent to you...or you can go to the county web page for Broome County or Tioga and print it off.

3) Is there an additional fee for the recycling pick up? No there is no additional fee for recycling. In Broome County it is included with the cost of the service. YOU MUST BE A CUSTOMER TO BE PICKED UP!

In Tioga County the cost of recycling is included in your taxes. No matter how you dispose of your trash, the recycling will be picked up by agents of the county in Tioga.

4) Where does my recycling go and how is it reused? We utilize the Single Stream method of recycling. This means there is no sorting of recycling by the customer. Everything can be put in one container. We then pick it up with a garbage style truck. All our recycling is taken to our recycling center and sorted by machine and by hand. From there it is shipped on to other companies for reprocessing into new forms and straight reuse in a new way. Feel free to contact your local recycling center for more specific information.

5) Where can I take large amounts of recyclables myself? In Broome County you can take them to Broome Recycling on Broad Ave. ph# (607) 724-3805 or to the Broome County Landfill ph# (607) 763-4450. Other recycling centers may be found in your local phone listings.

For Tioga County you can take it to the Tioga Management Waste facility (the former Barton Transfer station) ph#(607)565-8170 or to Southern Tier Recyclers ph# (607) 687-6710.

6) What do I do with my recycle bin when I move? The bins belong to your county solid waste department. When you move they recommend that you leave the bins at the house for the next person. There is no need to return them directly to the county just leave them at the property. If you have paid a deposit for your bin you can return it to the office to retreive your $3.

7) Is there electronic recycling?

We do not currently offer electronic recycling but there several places it can be dropped off.

Best Buy (takes TVs), ICS Industries (Endicott), Chenango County Waste Management, Scarborough Drive- Town of Union, Cornell Cooperative Extension (Town of Dickinson), Susquehanna County Recycling (PA).

Electronics can also be recycled by taking them to the Broome County Landfill Both Broome and Tioga county residents can utilize the facility.

8) What is Single Stream recycling and what does it mean to me? The term Single Stream refers to the fact that all the recyclable materials come from the same source unsorted. One undiferentiated stream of materials. What this translates to for the consumer is that all recycling is taken at the curb with no presorting by the customer. All recyclables are taken mixed together in one container by a "garbage" style truck. This truck goes to our brand new facility in Apalachin for processing. The facility uses a combination of human and mechanized sorting to recover the maximum amount of recyclable materials from the waste stream. This means only a fraction of the material ends up as trash and a huge amount of previously unrecoverable material can now be recycled. This means less landfill space is taken up and less natural resources are wasted which makes for a greener community. Not having to sort the recycling for pick up saves time too for both the customer and the recycleable workers. All of our our residential recycling pickups are now Single Stream/ no sort pickups.